July 25, 2022

Your HVAC system is probably one of the most used appliances in your Liverpool home. It can keep you warm during the frigid winter months and cool you down in the sweltering heat. Because of daily use, it can be prone to breaking down. This is why you need to take care of it well so it lasts as long as it possibly can.

A broken HVAC system is not cheap to fix. Luckily, there are some minor fixes that you can do yourself. Here are some basic home repair tips for your Liverpool HVAC system.

How to Repair Your Liverpool HVAC System

1. Check the breaker

If your HVAC system doesn’t seem to want to start, first, don’t panic. Your breaker may have just tripped. This happens when you have several high energy-consuming appliances running at the same time in your Liverpool home, such as the HVAC unit, dryer, and dishwasher. Before calling for professional maintenance services, try switching your breaker on and off.

2. Inspect your thermostat

The thermostat is one of the most common parts of the HVAC system that needs to be repaired, and often, you already have everything you need right in your Liverpool home. Most of the thermostats these days are battery-operated, so you will need to change the batteries every so often. If the batteries are new and your HVAC system still isn’t working like you want it to, you may have it in the wrong setting. Check the temperature as well as the fan speed. Somebody may have changed your settings without your knowledge.

3. Replace the filter

The best way to keep your HAVC system running properly is by regularly cleaning and replacing the filters. The dirtier the filters are, the more the unit has to work in order to get air in and out. Check your filters every 2-3 months and see if it needs to be cleaned. If there’s quite a bit of debris (such as pet hair, dust, pollen) from your Liverpool property caught in it, all you need to do is take a soft brush or microfiber towel and gently wipe the debris away. If you’ve cleaned it as best as you can and there are still some particles stuck to it, it may be time for a new filter. 

4. Melt the ice

HVAC units freezing up is more common than you might think. This commonly happens to the coils. If the coils are frozen, it won’t be able to function properly. Don’t worry, melting the ice is easy. All you need to do is to switch off your unit and let the ice slowly melt away on its own. This may take some time, so be patient. Once the ice has completely melted, you can switch it back on and use it like you normally would.

Get In Touch with Us for Your HVAC Maintenance Needs!

Have you tried all these tips but your HVAC system still isn’t working? It may be time to call in the professionals.

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How Can You Reach Heat Wiser?

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