March 31, 2022

When answering the question, “How does my HVAC work?” you will need to understand the heating services that can keep you comfortable in your NY property all year, no matter how unpredictable the weather gets. Reputable HVAC services in Liverpool can help you answer this question, but there are some things you can immediately familiarize yourself with without the aid of a technician. 

Wanna know how a heating system works for your Liverpool home? We compiled a quick list of facts below that can help you understand how such a powerful system can benefit you and everyone who enters your home.

Two main types of heating systems

The two main types of systems for heating are Forced Air and Radiant Systems. They each have their own pros and cons but can heat up properties effectively nonetheless. What’s the difference between the two?

To further understand what falls under which system, refer to this table below: 

Type of SystemDescription
Forced Air SystemsThis system makes use of a blower or a fan. This then pulls air into the system to circulate throughout the entire property. Can be noisy due to metallic squeaks. Warms up your property quickly.A forced air system is comprised of the following:Air return ductworkBlower Heating or cooling unit with heat exchangers that are inside an air handler cabinetThe supply ductwork is in charge of filling the house with air. The return ductwork is in charge of returning air back from the rooms to the blower and air handler.  
Radiant SystemsHeat moves air through convection. Air rises and is replaced by much cooler air through constant circulation. Not as energy-efficient. Can’t filter dust and allergens through the air. Works passively. Rooms can be heated slowly with this system. They are relatively affordable. Installed, bought, and maintained for a decent amount of money. 

How central heating works

It’s easy to understand how cooling works, right? Your air conditioner essentially circulates cold air throughout the room, keeping it nice and cool. 

Similarly, central heating systems are in charge of moving hot air inside your home with a desired temperature to follow. They do this instead of moving hot air out in order to stabilize the temperature of your property during particularly cold seasons. 

Do take note of the fact that different HVAC systems have different heating methods attached to them as well. Ask your trusted technician for the basis of your HVAC system to understand it further. 

Direct heating systems

There are many direct heating systems to choose from, too! Check out our table below to browse through them: 

Type of SystemDescription
Electric Space HeatersGood for small rooms or spaces.Affordable and compact, with lots of power.Uses electricity from a wall socket. Not very energy-efficient. Use in properties you’re in sparingly.
Gas-Fired Space HeatersWall-mounted, free standing, or mounted on the floor. Ideal for heating up a single room. Uses no ducts. More upgraded units have sealed combustion air systems that are safer against fire damage. Uses natural gas, kerosene, or propane to light up small spaces. Use this if you only want to heat up a small area like a bedroom. 
Unvented Gas-Fired HeatersNo exhaust vents. Wall-mounted, free-standing, or open-frame. Can only be safe to use if you open a window in the area you’re heating, which defeats the purpose of heating up your room. 
Wood-burning and Pellet StovesMore affordable than oil, gas, or electricity. Excellent for rural areas. Regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency to avoid less pollution. Pellet stoves are a better, more environmentally-friendly alternative. 
FireplaceThe oldest type of heating system. Effective with a sealed glass door and chimney damper. They come in wood and gas models for variety. 

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