April 7, 2022

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Wanna know how to save money on your HVAC system? The easiest way to do so is twofold: a) Pay attention to HVAC maintenance and b) Learn more about how to save money by reading up on HVAC tips! After all, when your technician leaves, you will be tasked to keep your system running well, and there are several ways you can do so efficiently. 

Below, we compiled a list of things to remember when you want to save on your NY commercial heating and cooling system. Read on below to find out more: 

Go through routine HVAC maintenance

Much like routine car check-ups or general check-ups with your doctor every year, regular HVAC maintenance is needed for your system to work in tip-top shape. Yes, it’s essential to get this done even if you’re experiencing zero issues with your HVAC whatsoever! 

How will you find out if your HVAC maintenance service is efficient? Generally, it must include the following: 

  • Duct cleaning
  • Filter maintenance
  • Sensor testing
  • Moving part lubrication
  • Calibration, installation, and maintenance of your thermostat

When going through HVAC maintenance services, ask your technician if they offer all of these services and ask about their recent track record, too. If they can provide a lot of trusted testimonials, you can trust them to work on your system. 

Make use of a programmable thermostat

This is one of the easiest ways to save money and energy on your HVAC system due to its scheduling capacity. A thermostat that regularly cools or heats up certain rooms only during specific times of the day means that it definitely will expend less energy than a thermostat doing the same job, 24/7 or until you immediately turn it off. 

This is ideal if you’re too busy to look at your thermostat all the time, like most of us are. Digital thermostats usually also come with Wi-Fi support offering you more control of your cooling and heating options. 

Rearrange your furniture

This may seem like news to you, but the way your room or office layout is planned out can directly affect your energy bill. How so? If office chairs or other obstructions are placed in front of radiators, heat is obscured from all areas, and your HVAC will have to be extra hard working just to do its job. 

The same rationale goes for a radiator directly underneath a window. Curtains can help keep heating or cooling consistent. As for wooden flooring, try putting rugs on large areas to save yourself 4-6% on energy bills with makeshift insulation. 

Change up your air filters

Without you realizing it, a dirty air filter can cause your HVAC to render you a 5-10% energy loss because of how it has to work double time to heat or cool your property. Given this info, when should your filters be changed? 

During peak cooling and heating seasons, try to change these every month if you can. Stick to this schedule strictly if you have furry pets. Due to shedding and dander, they can clog up your filters faster and you therefore need to monitor your HVAC more efficiently. 

If you can afford it, invest in advanced equipment

If your HVAC is at least ten years old and you have been observing spikes in your energy bill in comparison to how your bill was at the same time a year ago, it’s time to think about replacing your entire HVAC entirely if you can. 

Every year, companies are working to create better, more energy-efficient HVAC systems for every kind of property. It would do you good in the long run to invest in an entirely new system if you can so you can also benefit from the latest innovations in HVAC technology. Try out a new system! 

Get in touch with us for your HVAC maintenance needs! 

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