April 17, 2022

n the Central vs. Baseboard heating debacle, you need to ask yourself one question: Which is the best heating system for me? 

We aren’t here to recommend one system over the other, but to give you the information needed to determine what system works best for you! With a little bit of research, you should be able to come to an easy decision soon. 

What do you need to know? Below, you can find the definition of both systems, pros and cons of both, and ways to determine what best system works well for your property. Read on to find out more: 

What is central air heating

In order to distribute air throughout your home, central air heating generally makes use of gas or electric-based components. Air is expelled into your room through vents and warm air is then transferred through a series of ducts. 

The power of a central air heating system means it could be ideal for properties that are subject to wild temperature changes, like scorching summers or particularly unforgiving cold winters. While perusing through suppliers, ask how their systems fare with extreme weather. Their systems are worth looking at if they have proof that their central air heating systems thrive in unpredictable environments. 

What is baseboard heating

Baseboard heating comes in two forms: electric and hydronic baseboard heaters. Let’s look at them side-by-side. 

Electric baseboard heaters help cool air from escaping your windows and improves overall temperature. Naturally, they are usually installed underneath a window. Its convection process works this way: cool air is taken in, warm air is pushed out, and cool air is drawn inside again. 

Hydronic baseboard heaters heats water and oil in the system, and can use up some electricity in the process. Although their heat lasts longer, they can also generally use up less energy. 

When you turn your hydronic baseboard heater off, be aware of the fact that it may take long to cool. Time to heat up also isn’t particularly swift. 

What are the pros and cons of both? 

Refer to these tables below to find out more: 

Central Air Heating
Ideal for locations with harsh changes in temperature. Can heat and cool your home efficiently. Newer models can give out 98.5% more heating than older models. Heating and cooling needs are managed with forced air heat pumps. Dust, allergens, and dander from humans and pets can be distributed throughout the home. Inefficient heat distribution can happen if you notice leaks in your ducts. Room to room heating or cooling can be inconsistent depending on how your system is installed and the overall structure of your property. 
Baseboard Heating
These systems work silently. You probably won’t notice them actively trying to regulate the temperature of your home. For homes without ducts installed, installation will be much simpler. Installation time is faster and the process will take up less time and effort. Condensing boilers makes them energy-efficient. Expect consistent heating out of these kinds of systems. This system uses less energy to heat the average home. Ideal and economical for a smaller condominium or apartment. It may take longer to fully heat rooms, so this might be a bit uncomfortable in more extreme seasons.The electric version of baseboard heaters can be expensive to use and maintain. This system only provides heat. Don’t rely on it for cooling or anything else. 

How do I find out which system is best for me? 

With all the information at your disposal, we recommend consulting with HVAC experts and finding out which system suits your budget the most. Not only should you look at your budget for purchasing the system, but try to gauge how much you will need to spend on energy, too!

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