July 18, 2022

Pets are important part of the family. Not only are they sources of joy, but they can be good for our mental health as well. One thing that’s hard to contend with, however, is the infinite source of fur flying around. If you have a pet in Liverpool, you know how much of a hassle maintaining your HVAC system can be. Keeping it clean and free from all the excess fluff are necessary steps to ensuring your air quality remains good and your HVAC unit runs as it should.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the HVAC maintenance tips all pet owners need to take note of. 

How to Clean Pet Fur from Liverpool HVAC Unit 

1. Clean your vents

Fur and dander often get caught in your HVAC system’s vents. When this happens, it causes your HVAC to work double time as it tries to blow cold or hot air out into the room. Trapped fur in the vents can also find its way into the filters, causing even more stress to your unit.

Do a quick inspection of your Liverpol home and see if you have any clogged vents. More often than not, most of the fur will be in your floor vents. This is because pets have a tendency to lay down on the vents either to cool or warm themselves.

To clean your floor vents, you first need to switch off your HVAC system. Then, carefully remove the vent covers and clean them off using either a duster, soft microfiber cloth, a small brush, or even your vacuum cleaner. If you want to be extra thorough with cleaning your Liverpool HVAC, you can also wash it down with soap and water to make sure you’ve gotten rid of all the trapped fur.

2. Replace your air filter

Your HVAC system works by pulling air from outside your Liverpool home, passing it through the coils to either cool it down or warm it up, then feeding it through the filters to clean it before finally pushing the cleaned air out the vents. 

Pet fur, dander, and other pollutants such as dust and pollen can get trapped in your filters. If you don’t clean them often, they can be blown out of your HVAC system and all throughout your home. Dirty filters also make it harder for your HVAC to work properly because of the limited airflow. It’s best to clean or change your filter every two to three months to maintain the right air quality in your Liverpool home.

3. Schedule regular HVAC maintenance services

While it’s important to conduct regularly cleaning on your own, you cannot skip out on professional HVAC maintenance services in Liverpool . An HVAC maintenance service involves a professional cleaning out your HVAC system and getting rid of any pet dander, mold, dust, mildew, and other pollutants that might have gotten stuck in your unit. The HVAC technician will also check if there are any broken parts that need repair or replacement.

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