February 27, 2022

For many homeowners, the HVAC system is a feature they just can’t live without! Whether it’s too warm up the home during the harsh winter months or too cool it down when summer rolls around, having an HVAC system makes life more comfortable. If you’ve been experiencing any issues with your HVAC system, don’t panic just yet. Here are some HVAC maintenance tips that will surely come in handy.

5 Most Common HVAC Issues

1. Lack of Cooling or Heating

Probably the most common HVAC issue for commercial spaces and homes is it suddenly stop cooling or heating the room. After all, that is their main purpose. If you notice your HVAC is running hotter than usual, it may be out of refrigerant. This substance is crucial in removing heat in the air it takes in. Without it, the system will be unable to produce any cold air. A quick top up of refrigerant should do the trick, though!

On the other hand, if you notice your system is unable to heat up a place, it may be because the evaporator coils have frozen over. When this happens, it hinders the unit’s ability to regulate air temperature. The solution to this is to simply defrost the coils.

2. Inefficiency

You may notice that your electricity bill has increased despite not changing anything in your daily living. When this happens, it may be because your HVAC isn’t as efficient at heating or cooling air as it once was. If an HVAC isn’t able to process air like it used to, it has to work harder in order to do the same task. This leads to a higher energy consumption, causing a spike in your electricity bill. For this kind of issue, you might need to have the filters cleaned.

3. Lower Air Quality

Your HVAC system uses air filters to clean the air, ensuring that the air the flows into your home is free of pollutants and dirt. If you feel like the air coming out of your HVAC system isn’t as clean as it used to be (e.g., you get allergies even if you’re inside your home), it may be because your filter needs to be cleaned or changed.

4. Unusual Noises

If you notice any weird noises coming from your machine, such as knocking or loud vibrations, call a maintenance provider. There could be some serious, or even dangerous, problems going on. But don’t panic right away, the problem may be just due to loose parts bouncing around in the system.

Rattling or banging could be due to loose components or unfastened panels. Squealing may be from a fan that needs lubrication. Popping or banging sounds, however, are indications of bigger trouble. These are typically caused by gas building up and burning off. If you hear this, call a professional ASAP!

5. Unresponsiveness

If, for some unknown reason, your HVAC ceases to work (whether it isn’t turning on or the temperate doesn’t change), it may be due to the thermostat. Most HVACs these days have thermostats that use batteries, so, when the batteries die out, it stops responding. All you need to do if this happens is to change the batteries!

If you’ve already changed the batteries and your HVAC still isn’t working, the problem may be a tripped circuit breaker. Try resetting the breaker and the system should power back on.

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