May 13, 2022

If your home runs an air conditioner regularly, especially during the summer, eventually you might start wondering how you can lower AC costs in NY. The easiest answer is to just turn it off, but that obviously doesn’t solve keeping your home cool and comfortable in hot seasons. 

To help you out, we’ve gathered a few tips on how to save money for HVAC while still letting you use it normally, maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout your home. Let’s get into it. 

Plant shade trees around windows

Alternative ways to keep the room can be an effective way to help lower air condition costs, and the firs thing you can do is to provide more shade around windows. You can plant trees that provide shade over the window so less heat can enter you home. While you might not see any immediate returns on this, this will surely help in the long run in keeping heat out of the home. 

Cover up windows

If you can’t really plant any more trees around your home or want to add to that, you can cover up windows from the inside as well. Blocking out heat and sun with curtains or special tint can keep temperatures inside lower as it blocks and reflect radiant heat. 

Seal any leaks

While we’re on the topic of windows, you can also lower air condition costs by patching up any leaks in windows and doorways. A drafty home means that air can flow through the house freely, allowing heat to enter. Aside from windows and doors, it’s also worth checking your home’s foundation where brick and siding meet. This area can be prone to leaks as well. 

Run ceiling & portable fans

Every air conditioner has limitations on how well it can cool a room, especially if it’s a fixed spot. In addition the your AC unit, you can also run ceiling fans or portable fans to help circulate air. When you run ceiling fans along with an efficient AC, you can increase the thermostat by up to four degrees without losing any comfort. 

Portable fans are a good choice too so you can strategically position them and eliminate any hot spots in the room. Aiding the circulation of cool air from the air conditioner will mean it doesn’t have to work as hard to reach the set temperature. 

Be smart with your thermostat

When no one’s home, you can save as much as 10% on your bills by keeping the thermostat 7-10 degrees higher for eight hours. 

Today, you can upgrade your HVAC’s thermostat to a “smart” thermostat that allows you to set schedules for your AC and set intelligent triggers that help maintain a room’s temperature. It can change the thermostat automatically or turn off your AC to maintain a set temperature, allowing you to lower air conditioning costs. When no one’s home, you can save as much as 10% on your bills by keeping the thermostat 7-10 degrees higher for eight hours. 

With smart thermostats, you can also control program your AC remotely so you can adapt to any day’s weather from wherever you are. 

When it comes to thermostats as well, their position in the house is very important. If the thermostat is located in a warmer portion of the house, the AC is going to kick in more often as it will think that your house is warmer than it is. If you’re still in the process of AC installation in Liverpool NY, consider where your thermostat will be placed vis-à-vis your air conditioner and sources of heat. 

Never forget maintenance and service

One of the best ways for lowering AC costs in NY is still keeping your AC maintained and keep up with regular scheduling. When you can, check on air filters and make sure they’re clean and not blocking air flow. Aside from that, it’s also a good idea to have it cleaned by a professional who can really reach every nook and cranny of your AC unit. 

Whether it’s regular servicing and maintenance, repair, or AC installation in Liverpool, NY, don’t hesitate to contact Heat Wiser. We have you covered for everything HVAC. Call us today and see how we can help you ensure efficiency and comfort in your home.